Learn how our parish is reaching out to help those in need in our local community

An update for JC's Closet

Upcoming dates for JC's Closet: May 7th and 14th from 9-11am.

Praise be to God, there is a glimmer of light in this Coronavirus tunnel! When we received permission to start JC’s up again, we knew it would be different; we had to follow guidelines and restrictions to keep everyone safe. Creativity and flexibility became a priority. During this time, communication was constant with our 12 domestic abuse & homeless shelter directors, school social workers and after-care/ transitional families. JC’s was fully aware of what would be needed, when it would be needed and how to safely get it there. This took a team: our parish team, our parish family, YOU!
When we first opened in January, with heavy restrictions, we gave away 515 items! The greatest demand was socks (still is), winter coats & gloves. In February, still restrictive, 582 items were given away. In March, as we have seen a little more leeway, we have given away approximately 4,100 items! April is showing the same trend. The demand continues to grow in all three of our counties.
YOUR continued donations change lives, lift up people and make our community a better place. It takes special people and a special parish family to keep this ministry going. Ss. Constantine & Helen is a continued beacon of light and hope for our community. Thank you for your faith and support of this ministry.


Thank you from the Outreach Ministries

We would like to thank all the people who gave so unselfishly to help those less fortunate and needy families of our area over this holiday season. The support that was given for the Food Pantry, the Harvest for the Hungry, Kidz 4 Kidz Toy Drive, the Love & Care Drive, GOYA Coat Drive, Jr. GOYA Pillow & Blanket Drive and the Helping Hand Fund was tremendous. Your love and Christian support during this holiday season is truly appreciated by all you touched. The Lord’s blessings to all!

The Ss. Constantine and Helen Cathedral received thank you letters from local children who received gifts of love from our parish during the Harvest for the Hungry program. May God bless them and all the families we support through our Outreach programs!