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Bible Study: Gospel of John

Session 1: Intro and John 1:1-5

Session 2: John 1:6-51

Session 3: John 2

Session 4: John 3

Session 5: John 4

Session 6: John 5

Session 7: John 6

Session 8: John 7

Session 9: John 8

Session 10: John 9

Session 11: John 10

Session 12: John 11

Session 13: John 12

Session 14: John 13

Session 15: John 14

Session 16: John 15

Session 17: John 16

Bible Study: Book of Genesis

Session 1: Intro and a start on Chapter 1

Session 2: Genesis 1

Session 3: Genesis 2

Session 4: Genesis 3

Session 5: Cain and Abel

Session 6: Noah's Ark

Session 7: Abram

Session 8: Abram Part 2

Session 9: Covenant

Session 10: Sacrifice of Isaac

Session 11: Jacob and Esau

Session 12: Jacob and his wives

Session 13: Joseph Saga I

Session 14: Joseph Saga II

Session 15: Joseph Saga III

Session 16: Joseph Saga IV

Session 17: Conclusion

Faith 101: The Divine Liturgy

Session 1: Intro and Understanding Liturgy as Heaven on Earth

Session 2: Proskomide and Church Architecture

Session 3: Liturgy as the Constitution of the Church

Session 4: "Blessed is the Kingdom"

Session 5: All about Antiphons

Session 6: Small Entrance/Trisagion Hymn

Session 7: The Scripture Readings and Homily

Session 8: The Cherubic Hymn and Great Entrance

Session 9: The Kiss of Peace

Session 10: The Offering (Anaphora) Prayer

Session 11: The Lord's Prayer

Session 12: The End

Lenten Bible Studies

Old Testament Stories of God's Protection

The Cross of Christ

Faith and Grace

The Book of Jonah

The Little Church in the Home Series

Part I: Sacred Time, Sacred Space

Part II: Gratitude and Forgiveness

Part III: Staying Wholehearted through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Orthodox Study Hour

Sacrament of Confession (note: the first 10 minutes of the lecture were cut off from the recording. My apologies. +FD)

St. John of the Ladder

St. Mary of Egypt

The Humility of Christ in Holy Week